Again, we hear of more restaurants closing.  I hate hearing about these types of closing.  Is it the economy?  Is it worker shortage? Is it the high lease prices? Is it the high price of food?  Is it the fact that many people are choosing to order food for delivery online or shop online?

Whatever the reason, we keep hearing about restaurants and businesses closing almost at a rate of one a week.  That might be a slight exaggeration, but it's a lot.

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The latest closing that I heard of happened to a restaurant that I thought had actually closed years ago.  Like I thought all of the locations had closed.  The one in St. Cloud closed YEARS ago.  And that's when I though the entire franchise had closed.  I was/am wrong.

I'm talking about Bakers Square.  The latest closing happened to the location that was in St. Paul's Highland Park.  And get this, there are two more locations that are still open.  One is in Mankato, and the other is in Coon Rapids.  Plus, their pies are sold in various Famous Dave's locations.

This latest Baker's Square casualty happened recently, and they made a statement to Bring Me the News. 

"We want to extend our sincerest appreciation to you, our guests, and our incredible employees for all of the years of operation," a note on the door reads. "We hope that you will continue to come in for your Bakers Square favorites at one of our other locations." 

The Bakers Square location in St. Cloud was also a Pannekoeken Huis at one time and a few other things. Most recently it's a split with Starbucks and Aspen Dental.

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