Spring fever is starting to set in for many of us and it's never been quite as feverish as it is this Spring.  After being shutdown, shut in and tired of the whole pandemic thing, now more than ever people are looking to get away, wherever!

Nickelodeon And Mall of America Celebrate Opening Of Nickelodeon Universe
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With many of Minnesotans reluctant to travel to their usual faraway destinations, we are searching for options. Really, anything would be better the the 4 walls we've become all too accustomed to looking at.

Minnesota's Mall of America may have just what you are looking for in a safe, inexpensive getaway or staycation.

"It will look different than in past years, but there's a lot to do at the Mall of America," said Mall of America's Vice President Dan Jasper. "There are some really good hotel deals happening right now for staycations and there are some really good offerings at our restaurants."

If you've ever been to the Mall of America during past Spring Breaks, you know how horribly packed it is during that time. Tough to move around, stores are crowded and restaurant waits can be long.

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This year at the MOA looks to be different. With current pandemic restrictions, fewer people are apt to be out and hanging at the mall this year. Which, to me, makes this the perfect year to hit the MOA for a family staycation.

"Imagine being in an 8-acre large theme park with only 250 other people… there are NO waits," said Jasper.  The kids would really love this!  You can by your advance tickets for Nickelodeon Universe and turn the kids loose for a couple of hours of fun.

Fly Over America and Sea Life Aquarium, same deal.  According to MOA, all rides are cleaned and sanitized after every use and the rest of the mall is also.

Of course there are many dining options and many hotel deals to be had nearby. I'm not sure about what the Radisson Blue is offering but I stayed there once with my family and it was a great hotel and very convenient to the mall.

"Many of our partner hotels are offering a special deal when you book for Spring Break, it includes a package that includes an MOA coupon book, some other goodies, and you're entered into a drawing to win one of several 250 gift packages." said Jasper.

Sounds good!  Sign me up.

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