Oh, if only we could combine last year with this year. The good and the bad-but-interesting.

I'm serious.  I'm writhing in pain over the fact it's not possible.

Think about it: Favre is finally a Viking. He plays his best season. Destroys the Packers twice. Setting records. Win after win. Drama. The 49'ers: "Oh my heavens!!!! It's caught!!!!" (I love Paul Allen). We still have Chester Taylor. Rice healthy. Percy (for the mostpart) healthy.

Now take all that and mix in the drama of this season.

Randy Moss. Childress. Favre's unit on display (ALL-egedly) for Jenn Sterger. Leslie Frazier promoted. Favre suffers injuries.

Finally, have us on the verge of a real Super Bowl chance. Have the national media in an absolute fever. The Metrodome's roof has collapsed. Get a shot of Favre and the boys walking onto the snow-ridden field at TCF Bank Stadium. Get a close up of Favre looking it all over with a bemused smile.

The Minnesota Viking's illustrious season takes another epic curve. This is where they will continue their march towards Miami this Monday night.

Get a shot of the rest of the players looking over the field. Awestruck. Right out of Hoosiers when the young high school underdogs walk in the Indianapolis Field House.

Last year was a fairy tale. This year a nightmare.

But combine the two, and you got a masterpiece.

How effin' cool would've it been??!!

***Update - FOX 9's Jim Rich tells me this afternoon that there is little chance the game will in fact be at TCF Bank: primarily due to time constraints and the fact that the field isn't heated.

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