UPDATE:  After this incident happened, now there is some light at the end of the tunnel... or encampment.  A local (Minnesota) affordable housing developer is set to build a 70 unit apartment housing unit along Franklin and Hiawatha Avenues. 

This won't fix the problem completely but it will help so much! Housing is such an issue in the twin cities area.  There isn't just not enough affordable housing, there just isn't enough housing period.

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So- out of something that is so heartbreaking.  At least we know that someone has a heart.

There should be a special little place in hell for people like this.  I'm sure that you all have seen the news of the homeless encampment in Minneapolis.  It's heartbreaking.  They were there all summer, then this Fall it's become worse.  There have been deaths, some by overdose, some by freezing to death and others.  There are families there, single people, kids, etc.  Lately, since it's been so cold, there have been fires because of people trying to stay warm and using fire and heaters or whatever they could do to stay out of the cold.  Well, some got out of hand and burned a bunch of tents.  So, now they didn't even have that.

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Recently there have been some bigger tents set up- military style.  These are used for people to stay warm, eat, and have some places to hang out out of the cold and smaller less productive type of camping tents.

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There have been quite a few fundraising efforts to provide more shelters, get the people food, hopefully help them on the road to finding a job, etc.  Now we hear about some of the money that was raised has been stolen.  How rotten is that?  Seriously, a special little place in hell for those burglars.



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