Right off the bat, I have to thank the "Moondance Jammers" on Facebook for answering my request and giving me a crap-ton of photos -- that's an actual unit measurement by the way. In fact, I got so many photo's, that I have to divide them into two galleries. So look for Moondance Jam 2019 - "The Jammers" coming soon.

I must confess -- 2019 was my FIRST ever Moondance Jam. "What?" you say. All I can tell you is, I just moved back to Minnesota after being gone for about 15 years. Before that, I didn't know much about it and I never really had an opportunity to go.

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So last summer, when I found out that the River Morning Show was going to broadcast live from Moondance Jam, I was excited because I LOVE live music, and I had never attended one -- but I was also a little reluctant.

Getting up and doing a morning show in that environment wasn't a pleasant thought. I knew I probably wasn't going to get much sleep -- and I didn't. Plus, I'm not as young as I used to be.

Despite the three days of no sleep, I had an absolute blast. I checked off some bands on my bucket list and met a lot of cool people. I'm definitely looking forward to Moondance Jam 202_ -- hopefully there's a zero at the end of that.


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