If you were at Moondance Jam this past Summer you might remember -- or you  might not -- all the boom cameras and misc. equipment scattered around the main stage area.  DirecTV was there taping the shows and this week starts the series on DirecTV.  This should be pretty good stuff.  Artist interviews backstage and maybe even spot your blurry-eyed little bean in the crowd.

Personally,  I'd just like to see myself during the Sammy Hagar set, just to see if I still had my sunglasses.  You see, before the show there was a little Cabo tequila tasting party backstage and being a thorough kind of guy, I might have tasted too much.  Somehow, I lost my sunglasses and busted my regular glasses into three pieces.  BTW, the tequila was excellent.

Generally, when I consume tequila, I have my own personal safety measures.  First, I pin an envelope containing a fake name and address along with the proper amount of bail money --  in cash -- to my shirt.

Secondly, I carry a pair of snowshoes for balance later in the evening.  Granted, you are going to get some looks carrying snowshoes in the summer, but not as many as if you were sprawled out on the ground.

Thirdly, I mass text everyone on my contact list to disregard any calls from me in the next ten hours.  It's all about common courtesy.

Moondance Jam on DirecTV, starting this week.

All of a sudden, I'm thirsty.