Yay!  It's finally here, Moondance week!  Here's the thing... according to the weather people, it could be basically cool and rainy.  At least for the first day and a half.  Other than that- it looks amazing!


Like a lot of you, I have been to a few of these festivals in all sorts of weather.  So, the show will go on, regardless.  Just could be delayed a bit, or cut short, depending on how bad it is.  If it's just some light rain or drizzle, it will continue like normal.  It's just if it gets into that electrical or there's tornadic activity then things tend to get a bit dicey.

To prepare for this type of weather make sure to bring a couple of sweatshirts, maybe some rubber boots (gets a bit muddy in some areas) and a jacket or poncho that has a hood.  You can't bring an umbrella into the concert area, so a hood or a hat is the way to go.

Also, make sure to bring a few changes of clothes... like more than you think that you'd need because of possible soaked from rain, or you could wipe out in the mud from over indulging.  Not that it will happen, but it coooouuuulllldddd.... right??

Moondance Jam

One year the chilly air came as a surprise to all of us, and Moondance merchandise had our backs.  $20 hoodies in several different colors.  Awesome fix.  So there is also that option.  Above all, have fun and see ya there!