I have now tried some cheesecake from this wonderful store which is set to open on January 24th.  Christine, from Christine's Cheesecakes stopped in this morning and brought in some samples.  Delish!  Turtle, a rumchatta infused cake and also some raspberry... I believe that was the third kind.  All were delish... and yes, I shared with everyone here.

When the store opens, there will be options up to 200 different flavors, and eventually some outdoor seating, coffee and possibly a wine bar.  Plus, on a warm evening, you may enjoy a waffle cone with scoops of cheesecake instead of ice cream.  What a concept!  Great date night material!

So, let them eat (cheese) cake!!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Now, if you have been a fan of the cheesecake that you end your delicious meal at Anton's, and some other restaurants, you will love this.  Soon you will be able to just get cheesecake!  Christine's Cheesecakes, which was before only available at a few select restaurants in the area, and by special order, are now going to be available all on their own.