If you are like me...and the leg room on an airplane is an issue, you may like what Delta is planning to do.  No, they aren't removing a row of seats (although that sounds delightful to me) they are actually going to restrict the reclining seats on certain flights.  Now, I realize that this doesn't fix the problem... totally, it is definitely an improvement.

I'm one of those people who has most of their height located in the leg area.  I'm 5'7" but I have almost a 33" inseam.  Yeah... leg room is always an issue with me.  One flight my knees were literally about a half inch from the seat in front of me, and nothing was reclined.  Then the dude ahead of me tried to recline his seat.  I actually (and very nicely) asked him not to do that.  His travel companion looked back at my knees and told him that there really wasn't any room.  Like I would just make this stuff up.  And honestly, I've never really understood the couple of inches that you get with airline seats reclined.  Is it really that big of a difference?


But anyhoo- Delta... they are going to restrict the reclining seats in some of their flights that include mostly business travelers.  This is because on many of these flights, people are using the trays to put their laptops on and work while flying to their destination.  And when someone reclines their seat, the tray and laptop almost wind up near your chest.  How are you supposed to work like that, right?  So, they are trying this new deal.

Now, if they could just do that on every flight.  Business traveler or not, right?

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