If you are up bright and early in the morning, as I am, maybe you watch the morning show on WCCO-TV.  It comes on at 4:30 AM and runs, I think, until 9.  Jason DeRusha, Riley O'Connor with the weather and my favorite, Kim Johnson.


Kim, a Twin Cities native, added so much to the morning broadcast. She certainly wasn't hard to look at, either.  A tall pretty blonde, she looked as Minnesota as one possibly could.  I always joked, if you can climb her, you can kiss her.

Kim has been doing her job from home, the last few months, like many other TV and radio people during this pandemic.

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Well, this morning Kim posted a farewell on Facebook. Just from the tone of the post, I just assume, she was let go. Here is part of her post from this morning;

Friends, it is with a heavy heart to tell you that I am no longer an employee of WCCO. It has been a dream to tell stories of my hometown with my fellow Minnesotans for six years. I pinched myself everyday walking into that building and will continue to do so as I reflect on the privilege it has been to be a journalist at one of the best TV stations in the country. I am not sure what my future holds but I have faith I will keep my chin up and be okay.

I don't know about you but if I find a news personality I enjoy watching, I am a very loyal viewer. Without Kim Johnson on the morning show, I doubt I'll watch anymore.

I wish Kim the best of luck in her new adventure and I will miss her every weekday morning.



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