This is not at all a shocker.. but guess who the most hated team is... yep, the Patriots.  But as far as the other teams on this list of 8, some I'm not sure why.  And as we sit right before another Super Bowl starring the NE Patriots, the hatred has become even more evident.  35 out of 50 states are rooting for the Rams to win this Sunday.  It might be still stemming from the whole "deflategate".  People were referring to... and still sometimes do... Tom Brady as the "cheater".  Seems like the game balls will be checked and rechecked before this game... right?  And then maybe checked again after that.

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I personally don't really care who wins this game.  I'm just there for the commercials and the snacks.  I can still have fun watching a "who cares" game.  Last year was so much more stressful as once again, the Vikings fall at the crucial game.  Every. Year.  Just one before I die, please.  Vikings are one of 6 teams that have never won a super bowl.  It's a little depressing.  Especially since we have had several SB caliber teams and always find some way to screw it up.

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Next year.... (says every Vikings fan).

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