In an edition of "How Drunk is Your State" the BroBible did a survey of what drink is the most searched for drink.

The funny thing is that this report is based on Google searches.  Who has to search drinks that only have 2 ingredients?  Like a Gin and Tonic or a whiskey sour?  The ingredients are in the name... HELLO!  I had a friend that worked as a bartender for about a minute.  I remember him being very frazzled on his first night.  Someone ordered a Captain Coke. He asked "what's in that"?  Yeah... I'm giving him a pass because it was a stressful night...

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But what about people sitting at home during a quarantine, and googling drink recipes?  I have no excuse for that one.  Google a gin and tonic.  Maybe they are looking for amounts?  It's free pour, people!

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Minnesota... WHAT UP?  The drink most searched for here is an Oliveto cocktail.  Huh??  I have never even heard of that drink.  I guess I can understand why people are searching how to make it, what the ingredients are, because it's not that familiar.  I looked it up... not something that I would drink.  Although there are some differing recipes, the main ingredients are Gin, Triple Sec, egg whites (yuck) and ice.  Some recipes suggest an orange liqueur as well.  Is this a breakfast drink?  Like a mimosa?  Sounds horrible.

But drink up, Minnesota, I guess that is our most popular drink of choice... or at least the one most searched.

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