How cool is this?  A film based in Texas, about a football team is being filmed partially in small town Minnesota... Owatonna.  This was announced a few months ago, and now filming has begun.  The director is from Minnesota, and once worked for KARE 11 News.

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The film is based on the book "Brother's Keeper" and is a true story about a high school football team from Abilene, Texas.  The film stars Laurence Fishburne, who was inspired by the story.  He plays the owner of a restaurant that the team used to frequent.

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The unfortunate part is that even though the film is being partially shot in Owatonna, no one will really recognize any of the town.  The scenes shot there are mostly interiors, and the crew will go back to Texas for the exterior shots.   They wanted to make sure that things seemed more authentic.  Makes you wonder why they wouldn't shoot the whole thing in Texas... seems that the budget for this indie film is not that large, and it simply costs less to film here as opposed to Texas.

The other members of the cast and crew said that it's been hot filming here, which is always surprising to people not from the Midwest...but it's a story about a team in Texas, so that is fitting.

No official release date has been announced.