This little girl has made quite the impression around the world.  She was first noticed as she climbed onto a ledge to get some food.. then was spooked and climbed higher and higher.  Who knew raccoons could climb up the sides of buildings?


At one point she was seen outside on a ledge just hanging out... like it was no big deal.  stretching, and seemingly basking in the daylight.  Raccoons are mostly nocturnal and climbed up to the top of the 23 story UBS building downtown St. Paul, onto the roof.  No one wanted to scare her anymore, so they just put a trap out with some cat food so that she could be caught, unharmed and then hopefully released into the wild... at a more safe place.

That happened this morning at about 7:30.  A company then came and picked her up, checked her over to make sure she was ok.  Fed her some more food and took her to a remote area that is not being disclosed to release her back into the wild.

How she made it into the city is unknown.  But what a character.  And glad she's ok... and back where she belong.  No longer on top of a skyscraper.  Wow.

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