I have flown a lot in my lifetime.  I have been in some really sub-par airports... looking at you, Newark, NJ.  And I've been in some very nice ones, Atlanta, GA comes to mind along with Sky Harbor in Phoenix. But the nicest one that I have seen is right here in Minnesota.  Our out Minneapolis-St Paul Intl. airport.  So nice... comfortable, even.  Great shopping and restaurant choices.  Granted, they are at the inflated airport prices, but still very nice compared to other airports.


This past weekend Gayle King from CBS This Morning was in town reporting on the Jayme Closs story.  She was so impressed by the airport... and specifically the airport bathrooms that she made an Instagram video talking about it.  One of the biggest things is of course the cleanliness, but also that the doors open out instead of in...especially with possible baggage with you in the stall.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law
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If Gayle King says it's awesome... that's a great endorsement.  Almost like having Oprah... sort of.

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