So, it's time to leave for your much needed vacation, your flight is at like 6:30am or thereabouts. You get though security at about 5 something, so you have some extra time on your hands before you board your flight.  You think 'Hey- let's get a bloody mary or mimosa- we're on vacation!'  BUT there's an issue- the bars in the airport don't sell any alcohol until 6am.  DENIED!

Cocktails drinks on bar

Apparently there are about 10% of passengers have flights that leave out of MSP before 6am.  That is about 5000 passengers.

The owners of the bars in Terminal 1 estimate that there is probably thousands of dollars in potential revenue by moving the on sale time to at least 5, maybe even 4am.

Whatever... but I'm all for being able to get a drink of some sort before boarding a flight.  As they say- It's five o'clock somewhere!

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