Every year I try to make some semi attainable resolutions.  Some I know I'll never pull off but some are possible, if and only if, I really try.  I fail every year at my "Drink more" resolution. I was born freakin' goofy and booze doesn't do much for me.

Here is my working list for 2020 resolutions.

Drink more.  I'll give it another try

No more political posts on Facebook. "It's much easier to fool an person than convince them they've been fooled".

Spend more time with my family. Of course, I'll make sure they want to spend more time with me.


I'll try stop embarrassing my wife in public.  This one will be tough. It's kind of sport for me.

Try and be nicer to Laura in the morning. I fail at this one every year.

Drive slower. "85 is not the new 70"

Stop giving my dog Astro treats just because I think he's pretty cool.

Check my zipper more often. At any given time there is a 50/50 chance it's down.

Eat more tacos

More to come..........

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