Kate from Tri County Humane Society phoned in this morning to tell us about a great dog up for adoption.  If you've been thinking about adding another family member, Nala just may be the one you're looking for.


Here's some info about Nala;

This smiling sweetie is Nala! ~~ She originally came into the shelter because her owner was moving and could not take her with ~~ Was adopted and returned due to not liking the resident cats ~~ Was adopted and returned again due to housing changes ~~ Nala must go to a home without felines or very small dogs due to having a prey drive towards small animals ~~ Did very well with all ages of children in her previous home ~~ Has been cautious around other dogs in the past and has never lived with any ~~ In her most recent home she did okay with visiting dogs but would be happiest as an only dog (she wants to be your number one gal!) ~~ Very active and energetic for her age and would do best in a home with a fenced in yard and/or someone who has the time to exercise her ~~ This sweet lady loves walks and car rides and does best when walked with a harness ~~ Affectionate and thinks of herself as a lap dog- she loves to be around her people ~~ Enjoys any kind of treat and is very treat motivated ~~ This smartie knows "sit", "come" and "shake" ~~ Likes to play with rope toys and tennis balls ~~ Nala gets anxious in kennels but she does very well when left free roaming the house/being left home alone ~~ She is house trained but as she gets older she can't hold her bladder for as long as she used to; a consistent schedule would be best to avoid accidents ~~ Is an energetic chewer and loves chew toys ~~ Does well with baths and loves to be brushed but she is not a fan of nail trims so may need assistance from a vet or groomer ~~ This adorable senior might be 10 years old but she is SO ready to add excitement and love to your life! ~~ Thank you to Boysen Animal Hospital for spaying Nala ~~ Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care ~~ DEPOSITS MAY BE PLACED ON ADOPTABLE ANIMALS by calling 320-252-0896 ~~ Thank you to photographer Cahlean Klenke from About A Dog Photography (www.aboutadogphoto.com) for taking these pictures!


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