It seems all foods now have an expiration date.  Some think that maybe, just maybe food companies just want us to throw perfectly good food away and well, buy new stuff. My niece once cooked up some rice that had an expiration date almost 8 years ago.  It turned out fine. Salt, really? This stuff has been around for two hundred million years and now has an expiration date?  I can see things like milk, bread and perishables but some things just shouldn't expire.  I know people that will just throw out perfectly good stuff and not just food. Prescription drugs, you have to figure are good well past the expiration date post on the bottle. There has to be some kind of grace period or people would be getting poisoned a day or two after the drug expired. Sure seems to be a lot of scams going on nowadays. Name some things that shouldn't need an expiration date. Baxter

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