There seems to be a "day" for almost anything now.  And most of them I think are kind of dumb.  But National Drink Wine Day- I can totally support this one.  And on that note, how did I not hear about this prior?  Apparently it happens every February 18th.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Here is the thing... it's not just another day to drink wine, forget your problems and get sloshed on wine.  It's actually a day that has been set aside each year to educate yourself on the health benefits of drinking wine.  Oh, and also love????  Umm , ok.  Whatever.  I'll just go with that.

Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships.  We embrace the positive benefits of wine such as new friends, reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life

All you need to do to participate is to select your favorite wine, sit back and enjoy.  If you would like to branch out into some other wines, hit up a wine tasting.  Sometimes I surprise myself with this.  I have always said that I only like whites.  Well, I have found that some whites are too dry and some reds are actually very sweet.  Happy medium is always good.

So, celebrate accordingly.  Cheers!

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