Any excuse to eat ice cream, I'm in!  I mean, it's almost like you have to- because it's National Ice Cream Day.  Maybe we could make it into an entire week.  That would be super cool!

Young woman eating an ice cream cone
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There are some statistics about ice cream that you may or may not be surprised by.  People tend to eat ice cream when they are happy, sad, after a break up, have cried while eating ice cream, and just to have a cool treat.

Why would you eat ice cream if you were crying?  Granted, that was only like 6% of people, but still, even at that seemingly low number, it still seems like a lot.  I mean, think about it, crying WHILE eating ice cream.  Seriously?  Get a tissue and take care of your self.  Then go get a pint of Ben and Jerry's and have a ball.

Young beautiful woman looking relaxed while eating a popsicle
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And speaking of that... you know how they say that it's bad to eat raw cookie dough?  Why is it ok to eat cookie dough when it's frozen in ice cream?  It's not chunks of cookies that have been baked and broken up- it's RAW cookie dough!

Crisco Bake It Better Bootcamp With Brandi Milloy
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My theory- it's fine to eat it.  Go ahead!  Has anyone actually ever died from eating raw cookie dough???  I don't think so.  Cheers!


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