Finally!  The weather has taken a turn.  What a difference from last weekend to this weekend.  Crazy, right?  Last weekend digging out from a freak April blizzard and this weekend it's get the patio furniture out and have a cookout.  Or... how about a picnic?


It's National Picnic Day!  I'm not sure why that would be on a Monday.. or maybe it's the same day every year, but Monday... how ya gonna do that?  Most people work during the day.  So that just means that you will need to plan for the evening.  Do dinner in the park, or at least outside.  Cookout-picnic, we are going to call it the same.  Perfect day for that as far as the weather goes.  Especially since the bugs aren't out and about quite yet.


What are you favorite go-to foods for a picnic or a cookout?  I always have to have some sort of grilled meat... chicken, chops, brats, even steak (which I normally don't really care for) I will eat grilled, seasoned meat.  Delish!  Here are some fun facts... Millennials prefer sandwiches while the baby boomers prefer fried chicken.  Apparently I'm somewhere inbetween since I like the grilled meat, some sort of salad, and finger foods.  Nothing too messy. 28% of people want to picnic in a park and only 9% of people want to picnic in the backyard.  WHAT??  I guess I'm in the minority.

Minnesota Summer

Whatever way to choose to celebrate National Picnic Day- here's to the warmer weather!!


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