It's one of those "National" days again.  This time it's National Stuffing Day, and for 25% of us, it's National Dressing Day.

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner

I personally say stuffing, because traditionally it's what's used to "stuff" the bird on Thanksgiving.  So, whateves...

So, if you want to have some special activities for this special day, here are some suggestions:

1.) Have a Stuffing tasting party

2.) Make Stuffing to try

3.) Get Inspired - hit the internet and go crazy with some new recipes.

Me- I'm just going to open a box of Stove Top and go nuts!  (kidding)  But quite honestly, I can not stand the "scoopable" part liquid-y looking stuffing.  That's just gross.

This is a great day because you can try some new things and get ready for next week's Thanksgiving holiday.





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