You know what we need?  We need another fast food chicken place in St. Cloud!

Well, there are definitely a lot of choices when it comes to fast food chicken in the St. Cloud area.  And each one has their own specialty.  This time, it's Slim Chickens.

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Slim Chickens is located where Shopko West used to be.  And it looks like they are ready to open very soon.  And since this is the case, they are now in the process of hiring their staff.  They have several positions available.

There are Team Member positions, which look to pay around $14-$16.  Also hiring Shift Leaders and Assistant Managers. Those positions look to pay around $18-$22 an hour.  I'm assuming that some of that pay scale comes from the amount of experience an applicant has.  Letnes Brothers Restaurant Group, which owns this franchise, has the positions posted here.  

You can also check out the positions, and they are interviewing this week.  The times are posted on the Slim Chickens St. Cloud Facebook page.  

From that post the interview times are:

If you need a Summer job, this might be the perfect place to apply,  If you are familiar with any of the restaurants in St. Cloud, you know that as soon as anything new opens, there is a line to get in.  That will continue for at least a couple of weeks until the "newness" wears off.  Also, people usually complain about slow service or some other issue.  Not taking into consideration how busy the restaurant is when they just opened.  They are usually trying to get their ducks in a row.  It's almost better to wait a month or so to really know how good the restaurant is.  No judgements in the first couple of weeks.  Just keep that in mind.

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