Most of the time you are at any of the big box stores around town and you know you aren't supposed to be using the intercom unless you work there.  But this guy at WalMart was so frustrated that he wasn't getting any help in the department that he was in so he picked up the intercom phone and asked for some assistance.  Guess what- it worked.  Someone came and helped him right away.

I used to have a roommate who would go into big box stores and find the intercom just to pick it up and start talking about dumb stuff.  Sometimes asking for help in a certain aisle, and sometimes to tell a joke, whatever the case was.  It was embarrassing... and mostly embarrassing for his girlfriend who was usually with him.  She would just start walking away quickly acting like she had no idea who this goofball was.  I would have done the same.  Good Grief!  Put the phone down!

But his particular WalMart will probably make sure that their departments are staffed adequately from now on.  Especially since this Facebook video has now gone viral.

Attention WalMart- clean up in Kentucky....

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