ST. CLOUD (WJON News) - The St. Cloud Area School Board got its first look at a potential addition to McKinley School Wednesday night.

The proposed addition to the east side of the building would house four classrooms and two shared-use spaces.

Jason Harris, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Instruction with District 742, told the board several students are currently in classrooms in a partner facility, and one of the goals of the project is to create enough space to put all the students on campus.

In addition, enrollment is increasing at McKinley, and more space is needed for the additional students.

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

The addition will be over current greenspace on the property. While there will be no change in available parking, the school will lose a “peace garden” on campus, but officials believe that the garden can be recreated in another location.

In the current building, some restroom remodeling is planned as well. The remodel has already been approved, but due to time constraints, was not able to be completed. School officials say folding the restroom remodels into the expansion plan will result in some cost efficiencies.

The plan is awaiting final approval, no construction timeline is available.



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