The website let the Catwoman out of the bag this weekend as they revealed that a new Batman: Dark Knight Rises trailer will be attached to The Avengers' premiere on May 4th.

The site says;

According to the WB Exhibitor site, the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to Marvel’s The Avengers on May 4th. Both 2D and 3D conventional showings of The Avengers (as well as 2D and 3D IMAX showings!) will be playing the trailer.

Obviously the evil geniuses in the WB Marketing Department follow the Lex Luthor Guide to Getting Things Done, as this is the THIRD time they've utilized the built-in Fan Boy crowd that swarm theatres for Marvel releases to hawk their Nolanpieces©. Back in '08, the third trailer for The Dark Knight descended prior to Iron Man, and two years ago the final trailer for Nolan’s Inception was attached with Iron Man 2.

Word has it that the Midnight showing tickets for Dark Knight Rises are already sold out, but you can still grab Avengers' Midnight showing tickets from Parkwood Cinemas and join The LOON at the World Premiere.

So far we've only seen two glimpses of the film, which is standard for Nolan, who keeps these things shrouded in mystery. But if they're going to wow The Avengers crowd, who have been drawn in with a multitude of clips, trailers and pre-film merchandise, he better give us more than just what's below.