As you know, we just had a giant snow storm.  And since it's melting just about as quickly as it came, your car is probably looking like it needs a good washing.

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Well, you are in luck.  The newest Mister Car Wash, located on the East Side of St. Cloud on Lincoln Avenue, across from Target, has now opened.  They are running a deal for just $9.99.

In the last couple of years, we have seen so many car washes pop up.  Two of them are located within a couple blocks of eachother in Waite Park/St. Cloud near Crossroads Mall.  Not sure if either of those companies knew about the other when they started to build, but they have cornered the market there.

The East side of St. Cloud doesn't have as many options, so this car wash, on the same side of the street as UHaul, is in a great spot.  Taking over the area that was most recently occupied by Burger King that closed several years ago, and has been sitting idle until now.

This car wash is opening at just the right time, as car washes around town have had extensive lines because of the recent storm.  You can't really drive anywhere without having lots of dirty melted snow spraying all over.  So, take advantage of the newest car wash now open on Lincoln Avenue and Division Street, St. Cloud.

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