Snack food.  It's been a big hit with so many people during this pandemic.  Probably shouldn't be AS big of a hit as it has been, but here we are.  Most people have gained a few pounds of unwanted weight... between the closed gyms and just basic sitting around... it tends to creep up.  Ten pounds for me!  Bummer... but now at least the gym has opened again, so I can start working on losing that; now enter new Lays potato chip flavors.  And they are inspired by some famous restaurants around the country.

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Looking for joy in the little things right now 💛 📸: zurrochurro

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There are five new flavors and will be available for a limited time.  Of course they will.  I have found that they say this. Then they take them away, only to bring them back a few weeks or a couple of months later.  Am I the only one who has noticed this?  Or maybe it just seems like it?  Anyway, these are the flavors that they are introducing, along with the restaurants that they are inspired by:

I also feel like we have had versions of these flavors before.  But again, that might be my imagination.  And...there are just so many flavor combinations that one can come up with too.

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These new chip flavors will be available in stores beginning next week.  I usually find these things in Target, but they will probably be in grocery stores as well.

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