There just can't be too many live music venues, in my opinion. For several reasons it's been tough for some of these live music venues to make a go of it.

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The pandemic put several venues in jeopardy and for some it's just a tough road staying afloat for one reason or another.

The good news is that the former site of Pourhouse Uptown, located across Lake Street from Lagoon Cinema is being reborn as the Green Room according to an article from This new live music venue will hold around 350 people on the dance floor which is surrounded by a bar, good size balcony and an adjacent bar area.

"It's like I get to create the best possible space for bands," said Green Room GM Tanner Montague. "All the amenities they want the sound system to make them feel good. Create a space for the bartenders to feel good, get paid well. And I think if those two are happy, then the audience works out great. And that, yeah, that's just coming from so many venues that I've looked at and played."

Green Room GM Tanner Montague, has a plan and intends to buck past trends of live music venues in uptown Minneapolis. Montague is also a musician and calls himself the GM and talent booker.

The Green Room is already booking some touring acts. In the coming weeks be sure to check their Facebook page for shows.

Rumor has it, the drinks are great and the food excellent.

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