If you are a parent of a child who drives, or is about to, you may want remember this app.

This app is not fully developed or ready for the market yet, but when it becomes available it will surely be a hit with parents.

Now that I am a dad I have already started to worry about my kids driving. even though it's not for many years.  I'm hoping to start teaching them at a young age (like I was taught) so they will be prepared as possible.  With so many distractions these days I can only imagine what it will be like when my kids drive, so having an app like this may just be the way to battle inexperienced drivers.

Researchers at the U of M’s HumanFIRST Laboratory have developed the Teen Driver Support System (TDSS). The app provides real-time, in-vehicle feedback to teens about their risky behaviors and reports those back to the parents via text message if the behavior doesn't change.

Some of the alerts it provides are speed limits, upcoming curves, stop sign violations, excessive maneuvers, and seat belt use. The cool thing is this app disables the use of the phone (with the exception of emergency calls) including text messages while driving.