We have all been struggling and lying low just waiting and hoping that things can eventually get back to a somewhat normalcy.  Social distancing, businesses closed or operating at a smaller scale. People out of work or working from home and hoping and praying that the vaccines will do the job.

One place most Minnesotans have enjoyed in the past has reopened with with safety precautions in place.  Nickelodeon Universe is open and ready for you to come and take your mind off all that has loomed since last March.


It's great to see things, slowly but surely, start to reopen and get back in business.

The sign says it all! We’re back open + ready to see you!
Keep in mind, at this time, Two-Hour Unlimited ride passes can be purchased on a first come, first served basis at our North entrance with a 150 capacity limit.

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Of course Nickelodeon Universe has taken steps to make your experience not only fun but safe, too. They have put protocols in place to ease your fears and make your visit as pleasant as possible.  For the time being, a total of 150 people will be allowed into Nickelodeon Universe.

You can find out more about safety protocols, where to buy tickets and any other Nickelodeon Universe updates at their website. https://nickelodeonuniverse.com/

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