Ok, let's not get carried away.  The pancakes are not going away completely, just in the name.  Which still seems kind of strange.  IHOP is going to become IHOB.  What does the B stand for?  Breakfast??  There's a lot of speculation on this, but they aren't saying or at least confirming what exactly the B is going to stand for.  We say Breakfast, because that makes the most sense.  The official name, and what it will stand for will be announced on June 11th.


IHOP has been around for 60 years.  I had no idea that it had been that long, but 60 years has a lot of staying power... so why the name change?  No one, except the powers at IHOP seem to know.  The thing that does seem staying no matter what the name will be is that the pancakes will remain on the menu.

IHOP To Buy Applebees Chain For $1.9 Billion
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What's your favorite thing at IHOP?  I think you gotta love the stuffed pancakes.  Yum!

Talk about your comfort food... IHOP, or IHOB is the place to go for breakfast... that HAS to be what the name mean... Monday- we'll all find out.

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