This is a policy I can totally get behind.  As a non-smoker, I see smokers take so many breaks throughout the day.  They stand out there anywhere from 10-20 minutes each time, depending on if there is someone else out there smoking with them or not.  The non-smokers are still in the building working...supposedly.


So the idea is that the extra time that smokers spend smoking isn't fair to the people who are non-smokers and don't get as many breaks.  So, how do you remedy that situation?  I think the logical way would be to limit the smoke breaks.  But if they would rather give the non-smokers a bunch of extra days off to make up for the many smoke breaks I'm all for it.  Unfortunately, this is happening in Japan, and not here in the states.  I'm like... "of course it is".  We never seem to catch that break first.  *see what I did there*?

Maybe we could petition for the policy here?


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