Here's a new challenge- and it seems a little stupid.  But in these times stupid things can kind a get you through.


Enter the naked challenge.  Here's how it works:

What if you walked in on your significant other and they weren't gaming- they were actually on a video conference call?  That would add an element of surprise to it, wouldn't it?

The people who went nuts buying toilet paper, and are not allowed to return it, are starting to get creative and make toilet paper origami.  They are sharing pictures of it on social media.  This one is not just stupid, but also annoying if you are someone looking for some TP.

Remember when Facebook started the reaction buttons? That way you had some other choices other than just like or not like?  Now they are working on a COVID-19 button.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm sure more craziness will keep showing up.  What's the craziest thing that's happening around you?

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