Being as I don't have cable or satellite TV in my apartment, I tend to watch the HD channels out of the Twin Cities. I can pick these up with my cheap HD antenna.


I'm amazed at some of the crap we all used to watch. For example, "Alice". A show about a single mother working as a waitress in a dive diner in Arizona. She works for a neanderthal named Mel. Her co worker Flo likes to say "Kiss my grits" a lot. Riveting TV.

Another winner is "Three's Company". A straight guy pretending to be gay and living with two women. Hilarity ensues. Basically, there is some misunderstanding as the crux for every episode.

And then there's "Gilligan's Island". My favorite episode is the one where they almost get off the island and Gilligan messes it all up. I find it had to believe you can make a radio out of a coconut but can't fix a freakin' hole in a boat.

The only saving grace is old episodes of "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson every night at 10:30 on channel 5.4.  Nobody did it or does it better than Johnny.

I guess I might have to get cable or buy one of those book things I hear about.

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