Is nothing safe?  Now hackers have found a way to invade our cell phones?  NOT cool!  It's called Cell Phone porting or a port out scam.  What the hackers can do is retrieve all your information and even your cell phone provider.  They can call them and say that their (your) phone was lost or stolen.

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Generally you realize that your phone has been hacked... or at least you notice there is a problem because your phone won't work.  But then... what do you do?  How awful would that be?  How do you keep this from happening?


Well- first of all, even if your phone is disabled you generally can still make emergency calls.  Like 911.  Or, sometimes you can still contact your provider.  Then you need to contact your bank, contact any other personal information places that you may have stored on your phone.  Credit cards, social media, things like that.

How scary, right?

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Also- file a report with the better business bureau.  Unfortunately this is about the same as identity theft and you need to go through the steps to reverse the issue.


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