The world of nerds and comic books fanatics received some heartbreaking news this time last year. Stan Lee (aged 95) tragically passed away. Now personally, I’m more of a Star Wars guy than a Marvel guy, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t appreciate wheat he had done for the world of superheroes.

In fact, the man practically invented the idea of superheroes, and has had just as much influence on modern entertainment as Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas. Over the years, Stan created several of the world’s most legendary heroes, from Wolverine to The Hulk. The list goes on and on. But of all the heroes he created, which one was his favorite?

Although he would on occasion clarify that they we’re “All his favorite when I was writing them” the hero that he most often cited as being his greatest was your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. He said of Spidey “He’s the best loved all over the world, and that makes me very happy.” Although the rumor mill has it that the Silver Surfer was another favorite of his, it’s probably safe to say that Spiderman maintained a special place in his heart.

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