There it is. Andrew Garfield as the new webslinger.

The guy was good in "Social Network" and from what I've read, much like Tobey Maguire and Christian Bale, he's got real acting talent.

And speaking of Bale, judging by this pic, Spidey is gonna be "Dark". Which could be a very, very good thing.

But let's hope these producers are doing more than slapping the "Dark Knight" template here. "Knight" required real acting (miss you Heath: mourn ya til' I join ya brother!), real writing and real directing.

Maguire nailed the whole insecure nerd with suddenly huge power and self-imposed responsibility. You'd assume that naturally the new version will try an at least somewhat different approach.

Garfield is on the slender side but (conventionally) he's much better looking than Maguire. That can help or hurt. We'll have to wait til 2012.

So, judging by this lone pic, what are your thoughts?