Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises digital team sure know how to get you hooked. In the past year or so, The Dark Knight Rises website has been launching not-so-quiet viral campaigns to get interest in the movie built to a fever pitch (Because we aren't excited about it all, WHAT?).

It's more of a mystery solving exercise than a 'viral campaign' but hey, Batman is the World's Greatest Detective, right? Three of the most interesting revelations from the site have surfaced in the past week. The first is a warrant for Batman's arrest issued by the Gotham Police Department-


The second is a 'Wanted' poster, to be 'Displayed in a Conspicuous Place'.-



The third is the eagerly anticipated new trailer for the film which will be shown prior to Marvel's The Avengers movie which premieres Midnight Friday at Parkwood Cinemas-

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20th.