This all happened 20 some years ago, in another market. We were trying to get away from the candy & flowers giveaways leading up to Valentines Day. It all seemed so boring. So, we decided to go in an entirely different direction.

We decided to give away a divorce and secured a divorce attorney in the market and away we went.

First we had people that were, for some reason or another, looking to get unhitched. We solicited letters asking people to explain their situation. There were a lot of sad stories but we had to pick just one to win the free divorce.


The couple we picked as winners came in to be on the morning show and, really, we couldn't have scripted a better outcome.

They immediately started bickering and the "soon to be" ex wife was being pretty nasty talking about her husband. Then, the phone lit up.  Who but the guys girlfriend calling in to stick up for her man. She went on and on about what a great guy he was, etc.

That's when the "soon to be" ex wife chimed in with "If he's such a great guy, why did he sleep with me last night"  Boom!

You could see the sheer panic in the guy's face "It didn't mean anything, I was drunk" and then just "click".

I guess it all turned out fine in the end. Remember, it's not the first year of marriage that's the hardest.  The last year is much harder!

Anyway, have a great Valentines Day!

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