Adoption fee has been reduced to $50. Don't tell Deuce, it may hurt his pride!

Meet Deuce! Deuce came to us due to not liking the other animals in the home. His previous people would often also call him "Wiggle butt", "Mr. Man", and "Deucey boy!" According to his previous owner he is potty trained and will whine when he needs to go out and is crate trained and does ok -he would even sleep in it overnight.

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It was said that he will sometimes jump on people when he's really exited but often accepts redirection with that. He get a little excited when he hears sirens and will howl. He's a smart boy and knows some tricks! He knows "Sit", "Lay", "Bedtime" for going in his kennel for the night and "Sit and wait" when waiting for his food dish to be filled until you say "OK".

He did well with correction by saying "No", "Be a Gentleman" and "That's enough" He's used to their being a 6ft privacy fence when he goes outside and would be outside unsupervised Deuce has met children 6-13 years old and did great. His favorite hobbies include playing fetch, tug of war and cuddling in bed with his people.

He's used to eating a serving of Purina Chow twice a day, but he didn't care for the chicken flavor version of the food. He is a moderate to high energy boy and is used to daily playtime in the yard and walks every other day (he loves walks and does great but will get easily distracted by smells).

He even loves to be brushed! It was said that he can be nervous with strangers in the home and often did better in his kennel when people were over, slow and proper introductions are necessary when he meets new people- he is particularly nervous with new men especially if they are tall, deep-voiced, or men wearing a hat or mask.

He does have a prey drive and will chase cats, in addition he is very dog selective. Due to this he would do best in a home without other animals. Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, microchipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


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