As we have been hearing for a couple of years now, retail businesses have been suffering.  Some because they are still trying to recover from the pandemic, some because of staffing issues, some because of online shopping, and some because of loss.  Also - some are suffering because of all of the above.

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Loss has really become an issue recently.  And some stores seem more susceptible to it than others.  Thieves will come into a retail store and just grab a rack full of clothes.  As much as they can carry and head on out the door.  It's crazy. Stores have had to resort to locking up commonly stolen items such as packaged underwear, deoderant in some cases, high end handbags, winter coats and jackets and anything that is located close to an exit.

Now, TJ MAXX, Homegoods and Marshall's parent company, TJX Companies, is implementing body cameras for their loss prevention employees.  This is relative to police body cameras.  This is all in an effort to help to reduce theft from shoplifters.

From FOX 9 News:

Over the past year, the company started using body cameras in certain stores across its U.S. portfolio, which also includes Sierra and Home Sense, as a means to "de-escalate incidents, deter crime, and demonstrate to our Associates and customers that we take safety in our stores seriously," a TJX Companies spokesperson told FOX Business.

TJX Companies has said that the footage will only be shown when there is a case where it is needed, or through a subpeona.  Also many of the self-checkout areas will be eliminated.

So, don't be surprised if you start seeing employees wearing body cameras in any of the TJX Companies stores.

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