School for many students in the area has started back up again for the year. By next week, most students will be back in their studying routine.

I was driving home yesterday and I saw something that I'd never seen before, and it happened twice on my route. I am going to change the names to protect the children and not totally embarrass the parents who had great intentions.

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There was a sign that read, 'Jordan's stop'. It was a giant poster board located outside of what was probably Jordan's house. I think Jordan's mom or dad put it out there because they were likely excited that Jordan was going to school and they also wanted to make sure the bus driver knew where Jordan lived. I can totally understand being excited.

That's cute, but now everyone knows where Jordan lives. I'm guessing that Jordan is probably new to the school system. Jordan is probably in elementary school. That can be dangerous if the wrong person sees that sign.

Call me paranoid, but I don't trust strangers and definitely don't want them knowing the name of my child and where he lives. Young kids tend to trust adults, especially if the adult knows their name.

There was a second sign that read 'Anne's house' (again, changing the name to protect the child). I get that parents are excited and trying to do everything they can to make back to school special and flow as smoothly as possible...but, there's a line.

Parents, be smart this school year and protect your child's identity. This means don't put your kid's name all large on their backpacks, jackets, etc. Strangers, creeps, weirdos and everyone else can see that.

Have the 'stranger' conversation and maybe even set up a code word with your kid. When I was a child my mom and I had a secret code. If an adult I didn't know ever told me they were supposed to pick me up, I was supposed to ask them the code. If they didn't know it, I was supposed to scream and get help and never go with them.

So parents, please be cautious. You never know who is paying attention or watching you. Keep your little ones safe.


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