Recently, we have heard so much about people's annoying driving habits.  Everything from left lane cruisers, to red light runners, slow drivers, drivers who go too fast in town, people not moving over for a right turn lane when it's not necessarily marked just as a courtesy, tailgaters, no signal before a turn, or signaling AS you turn, no idea how to operate a 4 way stop, no idea how to merge- not the same as a yield, confused about roundabouts, and distracted driving...and that is where I am landing today.

Distracted driving... or NOT driving.  As in, sitting at a stop light, the light turns green and no one moves.  I get the issue with looking both ways before you proceed because of the aforementioned red light runners, but when you are just sitting there, not moving, doing who knows what when the light turns green, and now you've made it so you are the only one able to go through the intersection.  The rest of the people waiting have to wait for another cycle.  This is just rude among other things.

I know you aren't supposed to honk at people who aren't moving when the light turns green, but how else are you to get their attention?  Especially when the light has been green for quite some time?  This situation happened this week.  The light turned green, nothing.  Sat there for a few seconds, nothing.  Finally, I beep the horn, not too long, still nothing.  The person behind me honks.  Nothing.  I honk again, the person at the front of the line, not moving, jumps a little, looks in their rear mirror, then takes off through the intersection as the light turns yellow, then red.  You guessed it- no one else made it through the light.  This was an extreme situation, but c'mon people, let's all pay more attention!

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