Here we go again.  Why do they keep doing this??? I LOVE Oreos.  They are probably my favorite cookie.

Laura Bradshaw

Remember a few years ago they had the mystery flavor?  And it turned out to be like Fruity Pebbles or something?  It was horrible.  After the big reveal, they tried to sell them and no one wanted them after they knew what the flavor was.  It was basically unappealing.  People just bought them originally to see what the flavor was, and afterwards, gross.

So, they are going to do it again.  According to one of their reps, this is the new deal....

We are excited to say, a new mystery is on the way. New flavor, new clues, we confirm the news. Get ready to free your inner detective, you’ll need those skills to be effective. The clues might be riddles, might be rhymes, guess the flavor, for a chance to win big this time. There are many more surprises in store, keep an eye on the flip side of summer for more.

Well, I hope this time they come up with a better flavor than Fruity Pebbles.  A flavor that maybe people will want to try, and then keep around.


Fingers crossed!