Portland , Oregon strip club, Lucky Devil Lounge, was recently closed down by the governor to stem the spread of the coronavirus.


The club owner, Shon Boulden, couldn't let his dancers go without a job, so he created Boober Eats. For a modest deliver fee of $30, two dancers clad only short shorts and pasties will deliver your food order right to your door.

“All the calls, people are just giddy and fun,” Boulden said. “Sometimes it’s a surprise for someone, sometimes it’s a birthday, sometimes it’s people that are really stoned."


“If someone wants to give us a couple hundred bucks to go to the coast, we’ll do it as long as the girls are taken care of,” Boulden said.

All dancers are escorted by a security guard and strip club rules apply, no touching the dancers.

“It became very real when all this happened,” said one of the dancers, who goes by the stage name Olivia. “Dancers work for tips and tips only.”

Boulden employs about 80 dancers that suddenly found themselves out of work. “They’re all like, ‘hey, what do we do?’ I said, ‘let me figure something out,’ and this is my solution," he said.


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