A recent survey claims that during this COVID-19 pandemic, two out of three of us are working from home. Many can't remember when they last put on a pair of real pants. It's kinda been like a Super Casual Friday every day.

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Pants are kind of over rated anyway, right?  Yogi Bear didn't wear any pants. Neither did Donald Duck. Did you ever notice that Donald Duck went pantless except when he went to the beach, he would wear a swimsuit. I guess he was maybe afraid of fish nibbling on his stuff.

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. Most people working from home reduced their attire to sweatpants, pajamas, shorts, just undies or just going full commando.

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Maybe when this pandemic settles down and people go back to work, the new pantless trend will continue. People of all different professions sporting sweatpants and pajama bottoms at work. It may actually be necessary, for awhile, due to the fact that many have put on some weight while working at home and it may take a few weeks of dieting to get back into their pants again.

I suspect that a big realization companies will have, is that maybe they don't need people to come to work anymore because most seem to be getting it done at home.

70% of people working from home say they prefer it and 60% say the may sneak in a nap during the work day. This may make them even more productive.

When was the last time you put on a pair of pants?



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