Well, this is interesting. Paul Stanley is coming out in a new interview to say that he doesn't miss his former band mates. So, who is he talking about?

KISS's Paul Stanley just did an interview with Bang Showbiz and says that he and Gene Simmons lived near each other and were "family" but as for Peter Criss and Ace Frehley? He says "I don't miss them."

He says he's not that close with the pair anymore and that he "loved them for what we created together, [but] I certainly don't love them today." Ouch. He goes on to say that their constant substance abuse issues made them "impossible and intolerable". Paul has also stated in earlier interviews that it's fantastic that Ace Frehley is even still alive and that he hasn't spoken to either of them in years.

Paul explained that the band "was never about friendship. It as about commitment to a cause, but friendship? We were all very different people."

Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer have replaced Peter and Ace permanently. How do you think this makes everyone feel? If I could pick two words, I would choose "awkward" and "pissed". What words would you choose?

KISS as we know them now have a new song called Hell or Halleluja. Check it out HERE.

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