Well, if you are looking for a very unique holiday gift for someone that loves some of the finer spirits, this might be the thing.  At least for the person who has most everything else, that is.  But beware... this could be super gross.

Whitetail Deer

I know a lot of people around Central Minnesota who love their whiskey.   But would even the most avid consumer be brave enough to try this one?

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There is a distillery that is making a new whiskey. Not at all weird... yet.  But when you find out that it is supposed to taste like Deer.  So, as the firearm deer hunting opener comes up, maybe consider this as the celebratory or if you didn't get a deer, a drown your sorrows beverage.  The whiskey actually has deer in it.  Doesn't sound too appetizing to me. You do you. This whiskey will be available November 14th.

There is another choice... Brandy.  This one is just as weird.   Maybe worse.  Have you heard of the corpse flower?  It's a giant flower that only blooms rarely.  And when it does it apparently smells like a dead body.  Gross, right?  Well, this brandy is supposed to taste like that flower smells.  Why?  Like why would anyone want that?  But it might be worth the "I'll try anything" person trying it.  This one won't be available until December 1.  

Both of these libations will run you about $65.  And they are also fairly potent.  The whiskey is 99 proof and the brandy is 86 proof. So, ya know... if you can stand to drink the stuff, maybe after awhile you won't even notice the taste??

Happy Deer Hunting!

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